Young people

One of the basic objectives is to encourage youth activities and other activities in the cultural, artistic and economic from which may arise, particularly in the perspective of cooperation at European level, new opportunities for the younger generation.

Operational guidelines

They were identified some initial operational lines:

  • realization of cultural activities, promoting the participation of youth groups in exchanges and national and European character encounters involving - in addition to Longobard Culture - multiculturalism, sustainability, inter-religious and hospitality;
  • training of competent figures for the promotion of the Cultural Routes and for the managerial much of the same as of initiatives and projects in various capacities related to the promotion of cultural heritage, environmental and endogenous resources of the Territories-Cluster;
  • support for development of social tourism, theme, religious.

 Activated examples

As part of the project guidelines set out above, it is indicated as examples of activities already carried out in the international youth field editions of the Meeting "Young People of Europe" (with the preparation of the policy document entitled "Charter of Cividale") and issues of ' International Desk Italy South-East Europe, made in Friuli Venezia Giulia Cividale Paper Association in collaboration with the Eurispes Institute and with the support of the Central European Initiative, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, and allowances for specific focus for international tourism development addresses.

Other initiatives that can be activated in the youth field, in particular in the tourist area, are related to certain operating lines activated by the Youth Tourism Centre (CTG) in particular as regards the formation of Cultural and Environmental Leaders (ACA).

Art workshops

See Arts

Discussions and exchanges

To encourage discussions and exchanges for young people and guide activities in various artistic directions, a Blog is being prepared and dedicated to youth meetings in Europe to work on projects in the artistic field and in applications connected to the artistic and natural values expressed by the Route. The blog is managed by the education department of Monza-Brianza, supervised by experts from the Association. Facebook site is already operative (


Cividale's Paper