The adoption of a territorial umbrella-Brand that identifies each Cluster through specific tailored codes plays a remarkable role in promoting the Route and the endogenous resources of the various Clusters.

The aim of the territorial branding strategy is to concentrate within the brand itself all the values of the exclusive, irreproducible and irreplaceable Longobard identity - primary root of the European Culture - that identifies all the territories crossed by the Route “Longobard Ways across Europe”.

 By granting the use of the Brand (regulated by specific regulation) the same exclusive prerequisites are conveyed to the typical products and excellences of each cluster, so to guarantee the origin of products and their genuineness to the visitors.

On the other hand, the umbrella-Brand allows the producers to give their productions an element of uniqueness (the belonging to a Longobard territory) that enhances their values, makes their reproduction impossible and strengthens both the single producers' and the whole Cluster's competitive skills.

 From another though not less important point of view, the Branding strategy enables the analysis of territorial resources, contextualization and definition of objectives and actions of the economic actors operating within the area. A function in line with planned cutting edge monitoring activities of the Route, on the base of which it is possible to check both the efficacy of local actors' actions and previsions and verify tourists' appreciation.