This section includes the educational activities - aimed especially at the world of the school, the University and the Third Age, and of public interest (exhibitions, historical re-enactments, thematic travel programmes, other sectoral ventures) - that concern places and topics related to the History and Culture of the Longobards and to places of Longobard presence.

The aim is to spread at all levels the knowledge of Longobard civilization and of its evolution in the individual macro-areas and in the Clusters that make up the Route "Longobard Ways across Europe". This undertaking is completed by proposals of knowledge of the Culture and Traditions of the present European Peoples who in various ways share the Longobard experience.


Longobards, historical synthesis

Longobards, the myth

Early Longobard History

Longobards, new European power

Bavarian dynasty

Gausian dynasty


Monza, Duomo of St. John the Baptist

Monza, Iron Crown


Via Cassìola