2017 10 gennaio

First longobard exhibition of the Archaeological Museum Hamburg

On Saturday 14th Jan the first exhibition of Archaeological Museum Hamburg under the umbrella of LONGOBARD WAYS in Germany will be opened at Trelde near Hamburg. In the exhibition, finds from the excavations on Trelderberg are shown. They date from the first two centuries after Christ. We are here in the epoch of the "Roman Empire". The settlement on the Trelderberg had an extension of about 5 ha and can be assigned to the Germanic tribe of the Longobards. To complement the Trelde treasure, we also show a few finds from settlements near Klecken and Dibbersen.
In the second half of the exhibition, tombstones of the epoch are presented which represent a completely different aspect of Germanic life. While we find almost only waste in the settlements, graves are valuable objects that belonged to the personal belongings of the deceased. Among the finds are the Roman coins from Trelderberg and two Roman bronze vessels from the burial grounds of Putensen and Ehestorf as highlights.